Doggie Academia

So for those of you who don’t know me, my boyfriend and I have a sweet 8 month old puppy named Mara.

Mara German Shepherd Lab Mix

She is mommy’s little snuggle bug and daddy’s little hell raiser. She knows most of her basic commands, but can afford some more training beyond Josh and I’s expertise. I signed her up for doggie manners classes which starts tonight. They run weekly for 6 weeks, and by the end are promising a more well behaved pup.

I have grown up with dogs my whole life, but Josh has mostly grown up with cats. I’d like to think that the classes are actually for the two of them. Mara usually listens to me pretty well, but Josh…well…not so much. She will listen on occasion but prefers to see him as a squeaky toy. Since he likes to wrestle her and play rough she doesn’t quite see him as an authority figure. It is obvious that mommy is the alpha dog in the house (duh!) and daddy is optional to listen too unless he has treats. Her biggest issues are the playful nipping and jumping on people. She is a total mush and loves everyone, so aggression is never an issue, she just doesn’t know when enough is enough and that nipping and jumpping are not acceptable.

If you didn’t already know, I am the local coordinator for Dogs on Deployment, a organization that helps our service members with their pets. I take Mara to a lot of events as a representative of DoD. She is usually always well behaved and enjoys the attention more than anything. She already receives a lot of compliments for how well behaved she is for such a young pup, but I would like her to be even better. Seeing as how I attend a lot of pet events I often find myself in the company of other dogs. This is where 90% of her obedience goes out the window and she no longer listens. He is very excited and just wants to play.

Tonight’s class will be an orientation for the pet owners, so humans only. Next week will be Mara’s first class. It should be pretty interesting to see how well she learns with all of the distractions of other dogs. I’ll be sure to post an update later on how it goes.



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