Good news: I might not have to freeze this winter

If you haven’t already read about my heating system drama I suggest you check out my previous post. If you have read it then you are already up to speed.

After getting an estimate $7,000 over my previously selected estimate I was on the hunt for a new heating company. Saturday morning I had another company come out and survey the house to give me a new estimate. I laid out the bottom line, which he had to come in pretty damn close to $10,000 for me to consider him. If he could manage that he had the business. He also had to agree that 100% is paid in full AFTER the job is done and inspected. Of course he agreed. The man that came out was very nice, took his measurements, discussed my preferences and told me he would have me an estimate in a couple of days. He was even creative on ways to keep costs down for me understanding my predicament.

I had Josh call Monday to ask when we would receive the estimate and they said they were finishing up and would have it that night. While he was on the phone they gave him a nice run down of the cost which was coming in at $11,400. Not terrible, but not what I was hoping for. My pre-approval was for $9,100 and then I lay out the extra $1,000 that will come back to me in the form of a National Grid rebate. I emailed him back today and asked if we could remove he kick toe heater for the kitchen to save some more money. I am hoping that will bring the price down a bit more so I can afford the job. If not I guess I will need to work my butt off and sell a lot of extra wedding gowns to keep warm for the winter. I guess I could pull $2,300 out of thin air, right?

I was also supposed to have Sears coming for an estimate Wednesday at 7pm. I got a call today telling me they don’t actually have anyone working that late and that they could have someone come at 1pm instead. I told the guy that was ridiculous considering the woman offered me the time a couple of days ago and that I couldn’t do it anyway because I had to work. He told me that I could speak to a representative about the heating system and that they could just give me an estimate over the phone. I told him it couldn’t possibly be accurate but he insisted. So a “product specialist” got on the phone. As soon as I explained that that I wanted to do a combo tankless oil to gas conversion and baseboards he told me they don’t do baseboard installation. The reason I was in contact with Sears was because they called me after I submitted a job description on Home Advisor. They had a full description of the job, called me, said they would be a good fit and went ahead to schedule the appointment. I guess I would have been even more mad if the guy came to my house and told me they didn’t do baseboards at that point, so this guy saved me and the estimator a bigger headache. Still, I’m not happy with Sears.

Hopefully I get an answer from this other company soon and I will finally get the heating system I need.



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