Moving Day, Freezers and Cat Poop

I know I missed a couple days of posting, but for a good reason. This weekend was moving day for my brother. Tomorrow he starts school at New England Tech, so for the next 3 years he will be living with me. Moving him in brought me back to the good ol’ days of moving in and out of Bryant. Fortunately for him there was only one move in and there will only be one move out. I did it four times. Of course the other kicker is I’m a woman, so I had a hell of a lot more stuff than him to move. Guys are usually good with a toothbrush a couple outfits and their Xbox. I had two bins of shoes and 6 massive buckets of clothing alone. I will be the first one to acknowledge how ridiculous it was, but I digress. We spent the weekend building TV stands, closet racks, unpacking and making some space for his stuff around the house. 

We went to Home Depot to pick up another one since even Josh and I don’t have enough room in the freezer for our own stuff, let own Eric’s food. Sadly the people before us in the house left one behind that was absolutely disgusting and broken so it was useless. We put it out on the curb and within an hour a junker was buy to pick it up for scrap. We took a family trip to Depot and checked out the options for freezers. We decided to go with the nice 7 cu ft. GE. Considering there was only one other option for $450, there really wasn’t much of a choice. My basement stairs are also really tight so we are kind of limited in size of what we can even have anyway. We flagged down an associate after some time of trying to find someone and they proceeded to call in the forklift to get one down for us. We had to go through the whole charade of closing the aisle, getting the flags to direct the forklift, strapping in, blah, blah, blah. They finally got the freezer down and we left. I decided I wanted to move the new freezer to a different part of the basement, away from where the other one was, so a little cleaning and straightening up was in order first. 

Dad and I went down and started moving some things around. Since the house is under construction I have a lot of extra materials (wood, sheetrock, paneling, etc.) hanging around down there. Of course they were all piled right where I wanted the freezer to go. There was an unused side of the basement so we started moving all of the extra materials over to that side to get them out of the way. We realized that there was a pile of debris that we knew needed to be cleaned up first before we moved it over. Having an unfinished basement, the walls typically drop fine sand like particles from age and wear. Not uncommon. That is what seemed to be all over the floor so I grabbed the shop vac and started going to town. Dad got the broom and we were getting it all up. It wasn’t until I was sucking all of the crap up in the vacuum did I realize that the larger chunks were not actually rock, but were pieces of cat feces. And as you would know it, the wall erosion was not just that but a mix of cement dust AND cat litter. I nearly died. After some serious cursing and disgust we cleaned it all up and moved the construction materials over. The basement was looking pretty good.

We went back upstairs to unbox the freezer and get it down stairs since there was now a spot for it. Eric and Dad slide the box off, unwrapped what was left of the Styrofoam and plastic (some of it seemed to be missing) and took a look at the unit. The front had a huge dent and the entire back corner was crushed in and bent up. We were pissed. I called Home Depot and told them that we were just there, it took forever to get the unit and that we got all the way home to find out the unit was severely damaged. I told them we would be there in 20 minutes and they better have a new one waiting at the front door to exchange. We got the unit back in the van, back to Home Depot and sure enough the manager was waiting at the front doors with a new unit and a big apology. He was a very nice man so my intentions of going in there and raising the roof just didn’t seem right. He opened the box so we could inspect it. Everything looked good. While we were there we also exchanged a key they cut wrong and returned an unused roll of carpet padding. Dad and Eric loaded the freezer in the van and we were on our way again.

We got back home, unboxed the unit and dad and Eric took it downstairs. Being the stairs were so narrow they had to fight to get it down there. After some time, they got it downstairs. The only casualty was the light bulb in the stairwell. I am pretty sure dad has broken at least one light bulb in the house each time he has been there. Thank god Dollar Tree keeps me stocked on light bulbs for cheap. The freezer made it down. Dad and I straightened up the rest of the basement and discovered that behind the old freezer was another mound of cat poop, litter and concrete dust. Great. We decided to take a break and build a few things for Eric’s room. Mom and Eric went food shopping and we got Eric’s closet rack for his clothes built for him.

When Mom and Eric got home Mom and I went down in the basement to clean the rest of the cat poop. My mom took a quick look around and found even more under the stairs and behind the chimney. I nearly died again. All I kept doing was asking my mom how anyone could allow themselves to live like this. The people in the house before me were a middle aged couple with 6 kids, 8 cats and a dog. I met the husband at the closing, but the wife refused to show up. Now I wonder if it was because of embarrassment with the way they were selling this house. My neighbor filled me in on the number of kids and pets. Mind you, the house is a tiny two bedroom, one bathroom house. I have no idea how that many people and pets could have even lived in there to begin with. But I digress. I am not sure how many times I told my mom “I don’t get it” and asked her “why?” but eventually 6 shop vacs and the need to scrap of the petrified stuff with a shovel later we got everything cleaned up. For those of you who know my family I come from an OCD clean kind of house. My mom is a super cleaning lady and has been my whole life. I have of course followed in her insane footsteps and freak out more than a normal person would in situations like this. But I imagine for those who weren’t raised do OCD this would even be unacceptable. I was just horrified. I threw a few raspberry air fresheners in the basement and then called it a day. Now the basement really did look good.

How’s the freezer working you might ask? Great question. Apparently it doesn’t. We let the freezer sit for a bit since we tipped it, but after it sat for at least 15-20 hours we plugged it in. Not even the slightest bit of cool. It is now Tuesday morning and it is still not getting cold. If I get home from work today and the freezer is still not cold I Eric and I will go through the charades to take it back to Home Depot again. I have a bad feeling I will be moving some stuff tonight. 

So that was that. Eric is moved in, freezer number two doesn’t work and my house [should be] cat poop free. 



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