Doggie Academia: Week 2 Recap – C’s Get Degrees

So after week one I thought Mara was going to easily be valedictorian. After week two I realized I am the proud doggie mama of a C student.

Mara didn’t do as well as Josh and I thought she would. We trained with her during the week with the clicker doing basic things and she seemed to be doing pretty well. I was excited to let her show off in class this week. We were first there so we picked our spot on the floor and immediately we realized she was going to be a handful. Once the first dog walked in that was it. Any chance of her paying attention went right out the window. Our other 3 classmates were a little late but once everyone was there Mara got worse. Her lack of attention was getting more and more aggravating as the class went on. Josh looked over at me and acknowledged that this was going to be a long class.

We went through a few different drills and she would do things a couple of times and then immediately stop to watch all of the other dogs. As soon as the trainer saw us struggling he would come over and she would do everything perfectly for him. Our aggravation grew. We did a name drill, hand targets, sit drill and lay down drill. The trainer said she wasn’t doing well because we were not giving her high value treats. We were using her kibble thinking they were the perfect size, plus at home she loves it. He explained that home had a lot less distractions so the less valuable treats would work. With more distractions she needed better treats. He gave us a few pieces of hotdog to try and she liked it, but still didn’t care too much. Next week we are going to try some soft blueberry treats and hopefully they will keep her attention better.

By the end of the class we were frustrated ad annoyed. Mara still just wanted to play with the other dogs. We left on a low but I am hoping next week with better treats we will do better. I got home, polished off the rest of my Moscato and broke out the Swedish Fish. Fortunately I have an amazing boyfriend and he made me a homemade calzone and a big bowl of ice cream for dessert.

I guess we will see how next week goes.



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