I can see the light at the end of the heating system tunnel!

Yesterday my heating crew finished all of the work in my house. I now have a fully functional heating system, an empty basement and a house that still has displaced furniture and clutter. Two out of three isn’t bad – I’ll be working on getting the house back together this weekend. I am so excited to have gotten the job done after all of the drama in getting the work done. The last piece is having the engineering company and the town in to inspect the job. Once I get the green light the heating guys get their check from the bank. I’m sure they are waiting on edge for their $11,000 because they damn well earned it.

Gas Tankless Heating and Hot Water SystemThe company that did my heating system conversion was Sensible Heating and Air Conditioning. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for either maintenance on a current system or bigger work like the conversion or replacement like I did. We dealt with Mike, one of the two brothers that did the job. They were both incredibly friendly, neat and clean, and worked quickly. They went out of our way and went above and beyond what we ever could have expected. I had asked them to leave off the toe kick heater in the kitchen to bring the cost down $400, which allowed me to get the loan approval. They ended up installing a small section of baseboards anyway for no extra cost because he told my dad he didn’t feel right leaving me with nothing in the kitchen. On their website their tagline is “Quality Means Doing it Right When No One is Looking!” They definitely exemplified this through their work and the decisions they made while completing my upgrade. I am not an HVAC expert by any means, so I was honest with Mike telling him I know enough to know what I don’t know. This was one of those things. I told him I would rely on their expert decisions to do the right thing and that I wanted to trust them to tell me what I needed to do.

They were great. They confused the hell out of all of us because Mike is a twin, so Josh had to do a double take the first time since they were identical. The true test will be when the engineer comes to approve the work. As long as it looks good they get two thumbs up and will be highly recommended to everyone to meet needing work in this area of expertise. Fingers crossed!



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