First Step Indoor Soccer, Next Step Olympics

I’ve never been an athlete. I was a gymnast for a brief period of time and I sucked at it. I was never able to understand the over-competitive nature and the extreme thirst for winning. Everyone has their passion in life and its obvious mine was not sports of any kind. For those who fall into the competitive category, good for you.

Josh competes in an indoor soccer league to stay active and hang out with his rock gym coworkers after hours. It’s a fun thing he does on Sundays and I typically go their games on Sundays to support them. They are an awesome group who have a lot of fun together. Aside from one of the guys on the team they are not overly competitive, but will take a crappy loss to heart. But honestly, who likes to lose? No one.

I’ve watched them play for 3 or 4 seasons now and I have witnessed a lot of unpleasant exchanges among the teams. The one thing that I still cannot wrap my head around is the fact that some of these players treat these games as if their ticket to the Olympics hinges on them. At the end of the tournament the most you could possibly get is a crappy plastic trophy. I just don’t get it. And maybe it’s because I’m not an athlete. I don’t know. But it aggravates the living daylights out of me that I have to watch people try to intentionally hurt one another, talk crap, scream obscenities when their team misses a goal, throw tantrums and kick water bottles on the sidelines and refuse to shake hands at the end of the game because they lost. It is a god damn indoor sports league for crying out loud! You are not being scouted, you are not competing for money, and you are not going to get anything more than a crappy trophy. They’ve won said crappy trophy once before and I promise it’s really nothing super special. Calm down, grow up and get over it.

The teams range from kids in their 20’s to people as old as their 60’s (which I realized after the team they played last night). I’ve seen plenty of hot headed kids but I never thought I would see middle aged men get so nasty playing games. I honestly think that sometimes they are the worst. The team last night was talking some real crap and I was truly floored. I just can’t.

The number of people who display such unsportsmanlike conduct kills me. Apparently I missed last week’s game where one of the players on the other team tried to fight one of ours. Seriously? I give up on humanity. I really do. I am the first to admit I have a bad temper and would have no problem laying someone out who tried to hit me on purpose but I wouldn’t do it because I am competitive.

At the end of the day I love my boyfriend just the same whether they win or lose. No, seriously. I really do. Hard to imagine, especially with such a high stakes trophy on the line, but I love him just the same. There is absolutely a time and a place for people to be competitive. Super bowl, World Series, Olympics, World Cup. Not a freakin’ indoor soccer league, people!

Wide World of Indoor Sport Soccer League

2015 Co-ed Champions



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