10420374_10205551449688722_1711945086959811906_nMy name is Amanda and I am a twenty something living the dream in Rhode Island. I live in my project house with my handsome soldier, EMT, rock climbing boyfriend Josh and our sweet dog Mara. I am a IT project manager by day and a bridal consultant by night.11892187_10207716874422987_1848517657589492538_n

When I am not working I find joy in baking, rock climbing (or hanging mid air from a rope complaining if you ask Josh) and volunteering. I am the Rhode Island coordinator for an amazing organization called Dogs on Deployment, which helps connect our service members with a network of volunteer foster homes to watch their pets while they are fulfilling their obligations to our great nation. I am always happy to talk to people about DoD so ask if you are interested!

One of my other passions in life is theChive. The best way to describe theChive is a drinking organization with a charity problem. The mission of true Chivers and Chivettes is to make the world 10% happier through random acts of kindness and fundraisers. We fight for the underdogs and have a damn good time doing it.

I have attempted to start and maintain a blog multiple times but I always find myself to be way too busy for this, so of course that means I am going to try again. I will make the best effort to entertain you with my life stories until I get busy and forget about blogging again…I give myself about 2 weeks….tops.

I love interacting and meeting new people so feel free to comment and share your own stories with me.


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