Didn’t get the couch, but I got a husband instead

If you’re on Facebook I’m sure you know the “Facebook memories” notification you get every day that dredges up old memories. For me, they are usually the things I want to forget. But, every once in a while, they bring up some of the best memories. Today, my memories were some irrelevant college statuses about class, a picture of Mara laying across my face and some photos of my first ever trip to a rock gym. The memory that really made me smile was the one with the rock gym photos. Why? Because that was the night I met my husband. Doesn’t that just give you the warm and fuzzies? Seeing those photos really got me thinking.

On February 20, 2014 I never imagined that I was going to ask a friend for help picking up a couch and end up meeting the love of my life. Romantic, right? Let me tell you the whole story.

At the time, I was living on my own in my little one bedroom apartment in Cranston. I had been single for only a couple of months and was NOT looking for any sort of relationship. I was in my “I give up on men” phase of life again because my recent ex was another idiot. Anyway, I had ordered a new couch for my apartment and asked a friend, Scott, who had a pick-up truck to help me pick it up from the store and bring it home. He had a buddy with a bigger truck so he asked him to help, which thankfully, he agreed to. I was just about to get out of work when I had gotten a call from Big Lots saying that accidentally sold my couch and that if I wanted they could order me a new one, but I could not pick it up that night. I called my friend in a rage and told him to forget it, I didn’t need any help. Unfortunately, the boys were already an exit away from the store on I-95 in the middle of rush hour traffic after driving all the way down from Massachusetts (about 1 hour away without traffic) so his buddy was a bit pissed to say the least. He told Scott that since theyCentral Rock Gym in Worcester, MAdrove all the way down here they were going to pick me up and I was going to go rock climbing with them – whether I liked it or not. I argued for a minute or two until the truck guy got on the phone and told me I had no choice and they would be there soon. I got off the phone thinking the guy was a total asshole. If you haven’t caught on by now that asshole was Josh. I got home, changed into gym clothes and we were on our way back up to Massachusetts for some rock climbing. Scott and I entertained ourselves climbing with each other after a quick lesson from Josh, while the more experienced climbers did their own thing. After a couple hours of climbing we went out and grabbed a drink or two before heading back. Josh dropped off the two guys first before taking me home. It was a long drive back and I still thought Josh was a jerk, but as we talked more I decided he was somewhat bearable. We ended up getting to my apartment and continued talking outside until about 4 am. We had already exchanged numbers earlier in the night, so we continued our conversation over the next couple of days. Once I got a feel for his humor (which is very unconventional and takes time to understand) we got along great. He finally asked me out on our first date, where we went to Friendly’s and had Jim Dandy’s. Any guy that gives me ice cream gets bonus points – but a guy that gives me 5 scoops of ice cream, 3 toppings and bananas wins! It was a couple weeks later that he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. The rest is history.

I think back to that day and never would I have imagined that the rude guy with the weird, twisted humor would one day be my husband. It’s amazing how everything really does happen for a reason. It’s like when your mom says “you’ll thank me later,” well, Big Lots, thank you. Thank you for selling my couch to someone else. As someone who plans her life and tries to calculate her future in spreadsheets and Gantt charts, I’ve finally realized that you can’t. My path has also made me realize that certain people are put in your life for a reason. Without Scott, we never would have met. He was meant to be in both of our lives so that we could find each other. So thank you too, Princess. It’s amazing the way the universe works, huh?

Thank you Facebook for bringing up this memory today. It just makes me remember how grateful I am for the little things that up end being the best things in life.


I’m back…Again…No…Really… I Swear

Oh hey, how are ya’ll doing? As I’ve already acknowledged I am way to busy to blog. Life is busy happening and blogging has not. Thank god no one actually reads this blog, otherwise I’d be a complete jerk for leaving you all high and dry.

I promise tonight I will sit down and hammer out something fun when I get home. I don’t know what yet, but it’ll be awesome. Yea, awesome.

Back into Blogging!

As the name of my blog clearly states, I’m too busy for this most days – and by most days I mean 6 months straight (oops). The only time I seem to have is when Josh goes away for some sort of military training for an extended time period. I’ll be a super blogger when he deploys. Count on that!

I am going to make a new conscious effort to start posting again. Not many people may actually read this but that’s ok. I do it for myself anyway! Stay tuned for some new posts about all of the cool stuff I do. Just kidding. I don’t do anything cool unless cleaning the bathroom counts, which I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. But I do have some things to talk about so please make me feel better about myself and give me a pity read every once in a while. It’s always appreciated!

Now Hiring: Workout Companion

As I sit here and nom down on a quart of Chicken Lo Mein, I feel as though I should make this official post looking for a gym buddy to get me back on track and hold me accountable for my gym schedule.

Workout Companion
Company: Amanda Needs To Workout More
Location: Planet Fitness

Job responsibilities:

  • Nag me when I say that I’m too tired to workout
  • Personally come drag me out of bed if necessary
  • Push me to work out harder
  • Show me everything I am doing wrong
  • Show me how to do everything right
  • Drink celebratory wine with me after a workout
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Experience using gym equipment
  • Proven track record of positive results
  • Must have more motivation and determination than I do
  • Enthusiasm for working out


  • Persuasiveness
  • Strong negotiator
  • Dependability

If interested, please send your resume and cover letter.

10 Cool Facts About Leap Year

Happy Leap DayHow about a few little know leap facts to get you through the day:

  1. Julius Caesar introduced the idea of Leap Years when he ordered his astronomer, Sosigenes, to simplify the calendar. It takes Earth 365.242 days to orbit the sun, so Sosigenes opted for the 365-day year with an extra day every four years to scoop up the extra hours. But, he created too many leap years. Every 400 years, there are three extra days, so to compensate, centuries must be divisible by 400 to count as leap years. Years like 1700, 1800 and 1900 are only 365 days long, rather than 366.
  2. The chances of having a birthday on a leap day are about one in 1,461.
  3. Leap year babies, called leaplings, are said to have unusual talents by astrologers.
  4. Two women have given birth to three leap day babies, according to the New York Daily News. The Henriksen family from Norway had their children on leap days in 1960, 1964 and 1968. The most recent family to tie the record is the Estes family from Utah. Their children were born in 2004, 2008 and 2012.
  5. Even more rare, the eighth premier of Tasmania, James Milne Wilson, was born on a leap day and died on a leap day in the 1800s, according to the World Heritage Encyclopedia.
  6. In Ireland, 29 February is called Bachelor’s Day, when women are allowed to propose to men. Queen Margaret of Scotland began the tradition in 1288. If a man refused the proposal, he would be fined a kiss, a silk dress or 12 pairs of gloves.
  7. One in five engaged couples in Greece will plan to avoid getting married in a leap year. They believe it is bad luck.
  8. In order to gain the trust of the indigenous people of Jamaica, Christopher Columbus used the lunar eclipse on February 29, 1504, to trick them. The local chiefs had stopped helping his crew with the food and provisions they had been supplying. Columbus warned them that God was going to punish them by painting the moon red. During the eclipse, Columbus said God would end the punishment if they cooperated. The chiefs capitulated and agreed to give them supplies, and saw that the lunar eclipse had ended.
  9. In Russia it is believed a leap year is likely to bring more freak weather patterns and a greater risk of death all round.
  10. In Taiwan, married daughters traditionally return home during the leap month as it is believed the lunar month can bring bad health to parents. Daughters bring pig trotter noodles to wish them good health and good fortune.

A happy birthday also goes out to my wonderful Aunt, and proud leapling, who celebrates her 15th birthday this year! You’re most definitely 1 in 1,461. Love you!

Back From My Doctor Who Hiatus

It’s been a couple of months since my last post, but it was for an incredibly important reason. I have been spending 100% of my free time binge watching all seasons of the Doctor Who reboot.

It all started when I took Josh to see the Doctor Who Christmas special in theaters. Knowing he was a diehard Whovian I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to take him to see the special on the big screen. This year’s special starred River Song, a beloved character that Whovians absolutely adore. Of course seeing that episode with River convinced me Doctor Who was awesome and that I needed to go back and watch the entire reboot series from the first episode.

Episodes are usually 45 minutes to an hour long so I knew it was going to take a long time to get through all 117 episodes. What really threw a wrench in the works was that thanks to “Friends” Netflix was going to be nixing the Doctor Who series to pay the bill for a series I can watch on 10 different channels at any given moment. But I digress. I now had one month to watch 117 episodes before Netflix took them away. Challenge accepted.

Well, it is now February 1st and I made it through 104 episodes. I failed my mission. I was able to watch seasons 1-7 in their entirety, but didn’t make it to season 8. I purchased season 9 on Amazon for Josh, so I just have to track down season 8 to get fully caught up.

In the last month I have literally neglected all of my adult responsibilities to try and watch as many episodes as I can. I finally went grocery shopping and did laundry for the first time in a month. I was literally eating, sleeping and watching Doctor Who. Public service announcement: do not neglect your house cleaning duties when living with two guys and a dog because you will regret it. I think I am going to need a little extra disinfectant. Or maybe some gasoline and a match. I’ll let you know later this week.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of my friends and family around the world. Be sure to take a moment and step away from the craziness and enjoy your time with the special people in your life.

Christmas Penguins

First Step Indoor Soccer, Next Step Olympics

I’ve never been an athlete. I was a gymnast for a brief period of time and I sucked at it. I was never able to understand the over-competitive nature and the extreme thirst for winning. Everyone has their passion in life and its obvious mine was not sports of any kind. For those who fall into the competitive category, good for you.

Josh competes in an indoor soccer league to stay active and hang out with his rock gym coworkers after hours. It’s a fun thing he does on Sundays and I typically go their games on Sundays to support them. They are an awesome group who have a lot of fun together. Aside from one of the guys on the team they are not overly competitive, but will take a crappy loss to heart. But honestly, who likes to lose? No one.

I’ve watched them play for 3 or 4 seasons now and I have witnessed a lot of unpleasant exchanges among the teams. The one thing that I still cannot wrap my head around is the fact that some of these players treat these games as if their ticket to the Olympics hinges on them. At the end of the tournament the most you could possibly get is a crappy plastic trophy. I just don’t get it. And maybe it’s because I’m not an athlete. I don’t know. But it aggravates the living daylights out of me that I have to watch people try to intentionally hurt one another, talk crap, scream obscenities when their team misses a goal, throw tantrums and kick water bottles on the sidelines and refuse to shake hands at the end of the game because they lost. It is a god damn indoor sports league for crying out loud! You are not being scouted, you are not competing for money, and you are not going to get anything more than a crappy trophy. They’ve won said crappy trophy once before and I promise it’s really nothing super special. Calm down, grow up and get over it.

The teams range from kids in their 20’s to people as old as their 60’s (which I realized after the team they played last night). I’ve seen plenty of hot headed kids but I never thought I would see middle aged men get so nasty playing games. I honestly think that sometimes they are the worst. The team last night was talking some real crap and I was truly floored. I just can’t.

The number of people who display such unsportsmanlike conduct kills me. Apparently I missed last week’s game where one of the players on the other team tried to fight one of ours. Seriously? I give up on humanity. I really do. I am the first to admit I have a bad temper and would have no problem laying someone out who tried to hit me on purpose but I wouldn’t do it because I am competitive.

At the end of the day I love my boyfriend just the same whether they win or lose. No, seriously. I really do. Hard to imagine, especially with such a high stakes trophy on the line, but I love him just the same. There is absolutely a time and a place for people to be competitive. Super bowl, World Series, Olympics, World Cup. Not a freakin’ indoor soccer league, people!

Wide World of Indoor Sport Soccer League

2015 Co-ed Champions


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. I am always thankful for my family, my friends, the amazing life I live and those that fight for my freedoms everyday. Hope you all have a great holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving Owls


10 Ways to Irritate Someone Who Actually Works Out at the Gym

This week was the start of my gym adventure. I know I said I was going to start a while back but life happened and the gym didn’t. I went Monday, Wednesday and Thursday so far this week and after three workouts all of the reasons I hate the gym  and the people there came flooding back. There are a few things in particular that people do that just irritate me to no end and I am sure there are plenty of people out there that probably feel the same way.

  1. Texting at the gymTexting on a machine. When I go after work there are about 100 people in the gym and never enough machines. If you are going to sit (or lay) there and text, browse Facebook, Snapchat, take selfies or whatever else you are doing on your phone, get off the machine and let someone else actually use it. I usually browse Facebook or text when I am on the treadmill. I am not counting reps and am actively working out. I am usually only on my phone when I am walking to warm up or cool down, but I have about 7 or 8 minutes where my hands are free. Now with my fit band I am also recording workouts, logging any food I missed and checking my stats. However, I am not occupying a machine I am not actively using.

  2. The gym is not a speed dating venue. Both genders are equally to blame for this one. I watch the women lie around on the equipment trying to catch the attention of the guys, flirting, batting the eyes and giggling. I have also been a target for many guys. There are those who need to let me know that they are happy to “spot me” if I want to use the squat rack, those who compliment the results of my leg and glute workouts (implying they enjoy the view from behind), and the people who just don’t understand that headphones mean leave me alone and try to strike up conversation that usually leads to “how about drinks?” I go to the gym to work out and meet my daily goals. If I wanted to chat or flirt (which I don’t) I’d take it outside the gym when I’m not gross and sweaty. Everyone just needs to do their own thing and focus on their workouts. If you want a date go home a swipe through Tinder.

  3. Wipe down your damn machines. I hate the gym because of all the germs I encounter. I can’t get home quick enough to shower because I just feel so nasty touching other people’s sweat. Most people are nice enough to Wipe down gym equipmentat least use the Lysol/Clorox spray after they use the machines. I always do. Then you have the people who sweat all over everything and then walk away. That’s just disgusting. People are kind enough to clean the machine for you, so the least you can do is return the favor. I don’t know if it’s just me but it always seems like the scabbiest and nastiest people are the ones who don’t wipe their sweat germs off the machine too.

  4. Follow the 30 minute circuit rules. If you are the only one there who cares, but if there are other people in the circuit, please stick to the time frames allotted for each machine. Planet Fitness has the red light, green light to help keep you on track so don’t ignore it. When you’re causing a traffic backup behind you that is a problem. If you want to do your own thing and follow your own rules please use the other machines, don’t hit the circuit and try to do things your way and ruin everyone else’s workout.

  5. Your mom is not here to pick up after you. It’s not going to kill you to re-rack your weights after you’re done. I promise. I don’t want to search for the ones I need and I don’t want to be tripping on random weights lying around under my feet. Just put them back. It’s not a hard concept.

  6. Gym not strip clubWear proper fitness attire that fits correctly. I get that some people only have what they have, but I do not want to see your nipples slipping out, flip-flops are not best for the treadmill, pool cover ups are not for working out and swimsuits cannot double as sports bras. I’ve seen all of those things and it’s not attractive and you can run the risk of hurting yourself. I am waiting for the day I see someone in formal wear doing squats, it’s bound to happen with the stupid things I see people wear at the gym. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and wear something acceptable for the gym. Don’t be like this girl become the next meme on the internet.

  7. Know what you are doing. By no means am I a gym expert, but I know how to use the machines properly. Spending 20 minutes just figuring out how to use the machine is annoying. You are unnecessarily taking up extra time on a machine someone else can be using, plus you could really hurt yourself. There are staff members and trainers available to help anyone who needs it. I’ve asked for help plenty of times and encouraged. The staff and other members will appreciate you using the machines correctly, not hurting yourself and moving on.

  8. The selfie fanatics. Great! The rest of the world couldn’t possibly get on with their days without knowing that you are getting your gym grind on. Thank you for updating us with mirror pics of you flexing. Looking good champ.

  9. Freshening up your makeup. Seriously? I can’t tell you how many girls I’ve seen put on a fresh application of lipstick or eye shadow before getting on the treadmill. Those women that are just going to the gym to pick up a man are usually the ones doing this, but every serious person here is breaking a sweat and not looking to crown the next Miss America. I once saw these two girls with so much body glitter I was convinced they just got finished giving lap dances in the back. Why? No one cares what you look like, or at least they shouldn’t.

  10. Take a quick rest, not a nap. Sometimes when the machine I want is in use I will use a different one and switch up my usual routine a bit. Usually I am keeping an eye on the machine, trying hard not to stare the person down and make them feel uncomfortable. What I often see are people who take an obnoxiously long time to rest in between sets. They just sit there and sit there and sit there. My arms are my weakest part so I tend to rest a little more frequently when working on that part of my body, but no longer than 10 seconds each time. I know there are other people waiting and I don’t want to be rude. If only everyone felt the way I do we wouldn’t have half of these problems.

If everyone could just go to the gym, worry about themselves, do what they are supposed to do and leave, the world would be a wonderful place. All I am asking for is for people to be knowledgeable and not rude. If the gym is not your thing then don’t go. It’s that simple.