Not sure who likes doggie daycare more – me or the dog

My B.F.F. Resort - Killingly St. Johnston, Rhode IslandAs per my usual luck, Josh was kidnapped by the Army for a couple of weeks AND my brother went home for summer break at the same time leaving Mara and I on our own. We’ve been having some quality girl time every night, but since I have to go to work and will spend 9 hours out of the house, I decided to put Mara in doggie daycare while I am at work.

It just so happens that a new daycare/boarding place opened up right down the street from us called My B.F.F Resort. Josh and I stopped in for a visit before he left to check things out and meet them. We were pleasantly surprised by how nice the people were and how clean everything was kept. They did a quick temperament assessment on Mara to make sure her attitude and personality was suited for daycare – which our big ol’ mush passed with flying colors. They also took her away from us to see what she was like when we weren’t in the room – she obviously did just fine because even at home she could careless about us most days. They happily welcomed Mara on board and cleared her for daycare (after we sent in her immunization records and got her bordetella shot, of course).

Mara at Doggie Daycare - My B.F.F. Resort - Johnston, RI

Mara’s first day at My B.F.F. Resort

She just finished up her first week of daycare and I can honestly say that she has an absolute blast, but it also makes me feel a lot less guilty going into work everyday. Everyday around 11 am Josh and I get a text with either a video or a picture of Mara playing with the pack or splashing around in the kiddie pools. They also post pictures and videos to Facebook several times a day which gives me another update on what she’s up to. I love seeing her having a good time with all of her new doggie friends. I usually drop Mara off on the way to work and pick her up right after. As soon as I pull up outside they call her in and bring her on out. They also offer local pick-up/drop-off service for customers that live close to the facility.

When I pick her up after work and take her home she heads straight to her bed and passes out. Normally she’ll be up my butt as I go outside, go up and downstairs and move around the house. Well, not after daycare now. I’ve been having to carry her upstairs to bed because she doesn’t even want to move when I’m heading up. I had a friend stop by the house last night to pick up some clothing donations. Normally Mara would be jumping all over anyone walking into the house, but she really didn’t want to move. Nicole had to actually call her over.Mara dragged herself out of bed, sat at her feet for a minute and then went right back to her bed after she had enough pets. I was so shocked. Nicole stuck around a while to chat and Mara just slept the whole time in her bed. I LOVE doggie daycare! I never thought anything could defeat her puppy energy but I guess she met her match.


Mara hates taking a bath but loves the pool – go figure!

Not every boarding facility is created equal, I’ve seen some places that don’t keep the health and safety of the pets in mind. I encourage anyone who is looking at a facility for daycare or boarding check on reviews from other real customers on Facebook and Yelp (businesses cannot edit or take down any reviews). Also, make sure you go visit the facility and ask lots of questions. Josh is very picky and will challenge most people’s answers when it comes to Mara. As any pet owner knows, your pet is more like a child than anything. Would you put your kid in any random daycare you drove by? I’d hope not, but if you would you probably shouldn’t have a kid, or a dog. We were more than satisfied with how these guys cared for the dogs and the answers they gave us to all of our questions.

My B.F.F. Resort also offers a ton of specials and discounts – military discount, pre-paid discounts, multi dog discount, free bath and blow dry on their birthday and more. The prices are very reasonable and they offer additional grooming services to their daycare customers.

If you take your dog to My B.F.F. Resort feel free to drop our name – Mara will get a free day of daycare after your third visit! She will thank you!

Every pet owner should have this grooming tool

If you own a dog that sheds a lot you understand my pain. Mara is part Shepard, part Lab so she has the shedding down part from every angle. I can vacuum the entire house and five minutes later watch a tumbleweed of fur go rolling by. It is a never-ending battle that I lose every time.  I’ve ask a lot of groomers about how to help shed her on my own time with a good tool. I’ve seen a million different brushes, some good some bad, but recently a groomer recommended to me the ZoomGroom.

ZoomGroom Pet BrushI used to use a slicker brush, but it always seemed to scare Mara. I found out that it is easy to hurt dogs with them in you go too deep. The brush is metal can scratch their skin and make brushing really unpleasant for them. For fluffier dogs it make be more ideal, but for most dogs I’ve found that it’s really not. Mara just hated it.

The ZoomGroom is made by Kong, and is all rubber, just like the chew toys. They come in various sizes depending on the size of your pet and also make one specifically for cats – same brush but a different shape. Mara is 55 lbs and the large size is perfect for her. One of the great things about this brush is that it can also be used in the tub for shampooing. It works up a great lather and helps pull out the loose undercoat at the same time. I highly recommend brushing your dog outside if possible because it will pull off a lot of fur, probably more than you’d think. This also works great on all types of coats. I’ve talked to other dogs owners who use it on their big fluffy Chows and people who use it on their Boxers, while Mara falls in between. I also find the brush doubles as a doggie massage for Mara. She’ll near fall asleep on me while getting brushed.

The brushes are very reasonably priced between $5 and $10 and well worth the small investment. After a while the brush will start to wear down and become less effective, but it will be quite a while before that happens. When it does, the brush can become a great chew toy and you can get a new one for grooming. Since the toy is all rubber, same as the Kong toys, your dogs can play with the brush without worry. Occasionally Mara will swipe hers and chew on it for a bit. No harm, no foul.

I  have used many different types of brushes on Mara and my boys back home who all have very different coats and enthusiasm for brushings. I highly recommend this over any other brush no matter the coat. If you groom your dog at home or you just want to be able to vacuum a little less, then definitely make the small investment in this brush.